The David Emery Corporation

Search tips:
  • Part Numbers in the regular Jaeger Catalog are generally a nine digit number in the format #### ### ##. The spaces are important, so a search on part number 535806006 will not give correct results, but a search for “5358 060 06” will. If you have a partial number, it is probably the first digits, rather than the last, especially if it doesn’t end in 06.

  • Part numbers in the atto/natto push-pull catalog are generally a 9 digit number in the form ### ### ###. For example "761 107 206". Again, the spaces are important.

  • The most relevant results usually appear near the top of the page.

  • Use quotation marks around part numbers and phrases - Use quotation marks to find words that must appear adjacent to each other within a phrase. For example, search for "761 107 206" within quotes rather than just 761 107 206.

  • Check spelling - Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar your search terms, but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.