Hermetic Catalog

The Hermetic catalog covers Jaeger Connecteurs' line of hermetically sealed connectors. These are available in Standard, Industrial, and Miniature Push-Pull varieties. These connectors are intended for use in high-tech and advanced industries and research laboratories, as well as in all applications in the vacuum and ultra-vacuum fields. Hermetic receptacles compatible with PNEUROP or ULTRAVIDE flanges and couplings are available.

Table of Contents

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Section I: Hermetic Standard

I.1 Receptacles and hermetic feedthroughs 3
   I.1a Technical characteristics 4
   I.1b Part numbers and dimensional characteristics 6
   I.1c Receptacle and feedthrough installation 7
I.2 PNEUROP receptacle 8
I.3 ULTRA-VACUUM receptacle


I.4 Corresponding female plug 10
I.5 Accessories for receptacles 11

Section II: Hermetic Industrial

II.a Technical characteristics 13
II.b Part numbers and dimensional characteristics 14
II.c Corresponding female plug 15
II.d Accessories 16

Section III: Hermetic Miniature

III.a Technical characteristics 17
III.b Part numbers and dimensional characteristics 18
III.c Corresponding female plug 18
III.d Accessories 19
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